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Package org.gradle.api.initialization.dsl



interface ScriptHandler

A ScriptHandler allows you to manage the compilation and execution of a build script. You can declare the classpath used to compile and execute a build script. This classpath is also used to load the plugins which the build script uses.

You can obtain a ScriptHandler instance using org.gradle.api.Project#getBuildscript() or .

To declare the script classpath, you use the org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl.DependencyHandler provided by #getDependencies() to attach dependencies to the {@value #CLASSPATH_CONFIGURATION} configuration. These dependencies are resolved just prior to script compilation, and assembled into the classpath for the script.

For most external dependencies you will also need to declare one or more repositories where the dependencies can be found, using the org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl.RepositoryHandler provided by .