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Package org.gradle.api.logging



class LogLevel

The log levels supported by Gradle.


interface Logger : Logger

An extension to the SLF4J Logger interface, which adds the quiet and lifecycle log levels.

You can obtain a Logger instance using Logging#getLogger(Class) or . A Logger instance is also available through , org.gradle.api.Task#getLogger() and .


open class Logging

The main entry point for Gradle's logging system. Gradle routes all logging via SLF4J. You can use either an SLF4J org.slf4j.Logger or a Gradle Logger to perform logging.


interface LoggingManager : LoggingOutput

A LoggingManager provides access to and control over the Gradle logging system. Using this interface, you can control standard output and error capture and receive logging events.


interface LoggingOutput

Provides access to the output of the Gradle logging system.


interface StandardOutputListener

A StandardOutputListener receives text written by Gradle's logging system to standard output or error.