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Package org.gradle.api.plugins.quality



open class Checkstyle : SourceTask, VerificationTask, Reporting<CheckstyleReports>

Runs Checkstyle against some source files.


open class CheckstyleExtension : CodeQualityExtension

Configuration options for the Checkstyle plugin.


open class CheckstylePlugin : AbstractCodeQualityPlugin

Checkstyle Plugin.


interface CheckstyleReports : ReportContainer<SingleFileReport>

The reporting configuration for the Checkstyle task.


open class CodeNarc : SourceTask, VerificationTask, Reporting<CodeNarcReports>

Runs CodeNarc against some source files.


open class CodeNarcExtension : CodeQualityExtension

Configuration options for the CodeNarc plugin.


open class CodeNarcPlugin : AbstractCodeQualityPlugin

CodeNarc Plugin.


interface CodeNarcReports : ReportContainer<SingleFileReport>

The reporting configuration for the CodeNarc test.


abstract class CodeQualityExtension

Base Code Quality Extension.


open class FindBugs : SourceTask, VerificationTask, Reporting<FindBugsReports>

Analyzes code with FindBugs. See the FindBugs Manual for additional information on configuration options.


open class FindBugsExtension : CodeQualityExtension

Configuration options for the FindBugs plugin. All options have sensible defaults. See the FindBugs Manual for additional information on these options.

Below is a full configuration example. Since all properties have sensible defaults, typically only selected properties will be configured.

 apply plugin: "java" apply plugin: "findbugs" findbugs { toolVersion = "2.0.1" sourceSets = [sourceSets.main] ignoreFailures = true reportsDir = file("$project.buildDir/findbugsReports") effort = "max" showProgress = true reportLevel = "high" visitors = ["FindSqlInjection", "SwitchFallthrough"] omitVisitors = ["FindNonShortCircuit"] includeFilter = file("$rootProject.projectDir/config/findbugs/includeFilter.xml") excludeFilter = file("$rootProject.projectDir/config/findbugs/excludeFilter.xml") excludeBugsFilter = file("$rootProject.projectDir/config/findbugs/excludeBugsFilter.xml") } 


open class FindBugsPlugin : AbstractCodeQualityPlugin

A plugin for the FindBugs byte code analyzer.

Declares a findbugs configuration which needs to be configured with the FindBugs library to be used. Additional plugins can be added to the findbugsPlugins configuration.

For projects that have the Java (base) plugin applied, a FindBugs task is created for each source set.


interface FindBugsReports : ReportContainer<SingleFileReport>

The reporting configuration for the FindBugs task. Only one of the reports can be enabled when the task executes. If more than one is enabled, an org.gradle.api.InvalidUserDataException will be thrown.


interface FindBugsXmlReport : SingleFileReport

The single file XML report for FindBugs.


open class JDepend : DefaultTask, Reporting<JDependReports>

Analyzes code with JDepend.


open class JDependExtension : CodeQualityExtension

Configuration options for the JDepend plugin.


open class JDependPlugin : AbstractCodeQualityPlugin

A org.gradle.api.Plugin that generates design quality metrics by scanning your source packages. This is done using the JDepend tool. This plugin will automatically generate a task for each Java source set. See JDepend for more information.


interface JDependReports : ReportContainer<SingleFileReport>

The reporting configuration for the JDepend task. Exactly one of the XML or HTML reports can be enabled when the task executes. If more than one or none is enabled, an org.gradle.api.InvalidUserDataException will be thrown.


open class Pmd : SourceTask, VerificationTask, Reporting<PmdReports>

Runs a set of static code analysis rules on Java source code files and generates a report of problems found.


open class PmdExtension : CodeQualityExtension

Configuration options for the PMD plugin.


open class PmdPlugin : AbstractCodeQualityPlugin

A plugin for the PMD source code analyzer.

Declares a pmd configuration which needs to be configured with the PMD library to be used.

For each source set that is to be analyzed, a Pmd task is created and configured to analyze all Java code.

All PMD tasks (including user-defined ones) are added to the check lifecycle task.


interface PmdReports : ReportContainer<SingleFileReport>

The reporting configuration for the Pmd task.


class TargetJdk

Represents the PMD targetjdk property available for PMD < 5.0