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Package org.gradle.api.reporting.dependencies



interface DependencyReportContainer : ReportContainer<Report>

The set of reports that can be generated by the HtmlDependencyReportTask task type.


open class HtmlDependencyReportTask : ConventionTask, Reporting<DependencyReportContainer>

Generates an HTML dependency report. This report combines the features of the ASCII dependency report and those of the ASCII dependency insight report. For a given project, it generates a tree of the dependencies of every configuration, and each dependency can be clicked to show the insight of this dependency.

This task generates a report for the task's containing project by default. But it can also generate a report for multiple projects, by setting the value of the projects property. Here's how to generate an HTML dependency report for all the projects of a multi-project build, for example:

 htmlDependencyReport { projects = project.allprojects } 

The report is generated in the build/reports/project/dependencies directory by default. This can also be changed by setting the reports.html.destination property:

 htmlDependencyReport { reports.html.destination = file("build/reports/project/dependencies") }