api / org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.logging

Package org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.logging



class TestExceptionFormat

Determines how exceptions are formatted in test logging.


class TestLogEvent

Test events that can be logged.


interface TestLogging

Options that determine which test events get logged, and at which detail.


interface TestLoggingContainer : TestLogging

Container for all test logging related options. Different options can be set for each log level. Options that are set directly (without specifying a log level) apply to log level LIFECYCLE. Example:

 apply plugin: 'java' test { testLogging { // set options for log level LIFECYCLE events "failed" exceptionFormat "short" // set options for log level DEBUG debug { events "started", "skipped", "failed" exceptionFormat "full" } // remove standard output/error logging from --info builds // by assigning only 'failed' and 'skipped' events info.events = ["failed", "skipped"] } } 
The defaults that are in place show progressively more information on log levels WARN, LIFECYCLE, INFO, and DEBUG, respectively.


class TestStackTraceFilter

Stack trace filters for test logging. Multiple filters can be combined.