api / org.gradle.plugin.devel.tasks

Package org.gradle.plugin.devel.tasks



open class GeneratePluginDescriptors : ConventionTask

Generates plugin descriptors from plugin declarations.


open class PluginUnderTestMetadata : DefaultTask

Custom task for generating the metadata for a plugin user test.


open class ValidateTaskProperties : ConventionTask, VerificationTask

Validates task property annotations.

Task properties must be annotated with one of:

  • Properties taken into account during up-to-date checks:
    • @org.gradle.api.tasks.Input, @org.gradle.api.tasks.Nested, @org.gradle.api.tasks.InputFile, @org.gradle.api.tasks.InputDirectory, @org.gradle.api.tasks.InputFiles to mark it as an input to the task.
    • @org.gradle.api.tasks.OutputFile, @org.gradle.api.tasks.OutputDirectory to mark it as an output of the task.
  • Properties ignored during up-to-date checks:
    • @javax.inject.Inject marks a Gradle service used by the task.
    • @org.gradle.api.tasks.Console marks a property that only influences the console output of the task.
    • @org.gradle.api.tasks.Internal mark an internal property of the task.