api / org.gradle.plugins.signing

Package org.gradle.plugins.signing



open class Sign : DefaultTask, SignatureSpec

A task for creating digital signature files for one or more; tasks, files, publishable artifacts or configurations.

The task produces Signature

objects that are publishable artifacts and can be assigned to another configuration.

The signature objects are created with defaults and using this tasks signatory and signature type.


open class SignOperation : SignatureSpec

A sign operation creates digital signatures for one or more files or PublishArtifact.

The external representation of the signature is specified by the signature type property, while the #signatory property specifies who is to sign.

A sign operation manages one or more Signature objects. The sign methods are used to register things to generate signatures for. The #execute() method generates the signatures for all of the registered items at that time.


open class Signature : AbstractPublishArtifact

A digital signature file artifact.

A signature file is always generated from another file, which may be a PublishArtifact.


interface SignatureSpec

Specifies how objects will be signed.


open class SigningExtension

The global signing configuration for a project.


open class SigningPlugin : Plugin<Project>

Adds the ability to digitally sign files and artifacts.