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Package org.gradle



open class BuildAdapter : BuildListener

A BuildListener adapter class for receiving build events. The methods in this class are empty. This class exists as convenience for creating listener objects.


interface BuildListener

A BuildListener is notified of the major lifecycle events as a build is executed.


open class BuildResult

A BuildResult packages up the results of a build executed by a org.gradle.initialization.GradleLauncher instance.


open class StartParameter : LoggingConfiguration, ParallelismConfiguration, Serializable

StartParameter defines the configuration used by a Gradle instance to execute a build. The properties of StartParameter generally correspond to the command-line options of Gradle.

You can obtain an instance of a StartParameter by either creating a new one, or duplicating an existing one using #newInstance or #newBuild.


interface TaskExecutionRequest

A request to execute some tasks, along with an optional project path context to provide information necessary to select the tasks